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Welcome to Skyfleet Car Leasing

Flexible payment plans are available on all our car leasing offers and you can choose the contract term, contract type and mileage you desire.

We were incorporated in 1997, and understand that great service counts. We understand that car leasing can be complicated, but we're certain we can guide you through leasing your new car and show you how easy it is. 

Why use Skyfleet for your next leased vehicle ?

Choosing a new vehicle is an exciting, but sometimes daunting prospect, there are so many options available these days, from all-electric to conventional diesel or petrol engines. Skyfleet Limited have been supplying 1000’s of businesses and private individuals with car and van leases since 1997. Our team of experts are on hand to help you every step of the way, from discussing the sorts of vehicles suited to your circumstances, to finding the most affordable and cost-effective contract, based on your budget and requirements.

We can supply any make and model of vehicle, from a top of the range prestige mark, to an affordable everyday runaround. We are not tied down to any single lender and work in partnership with most of the top automotive finance lenders in the UK. This ensures we always have access to the best offers and funding options for you and we will always be extremely competitive.

Our combined industry experience is well in excess of 100 years and we take great pride in being able to use this to ascertain & understand the needs of our customers. A number of our team have come from either a manufacturer franchise or financial services background, so we know our business and we keep on top of industry & regulatory changes and provide regular training to all staff to ensure the very best levels of service are given at all times.

Best prices – free UK delivery – exceptional service – established 23 years – we care about cars – we care about you!

Looking to lease a Van?

Choosing a new van might be easy, working out how to finance it, could be a little trickier.

If you buy your new van either through a loan option, or with your own money, the obvious benefit is that you will own it. You are also taking a risk on the future value of the vehicle and are solely responsible for the vehicle and its upkeep. You might also be committing valuable cash reserves to a vehicle, which you may need in the future.

An alternative option to consider would be to lease your new van. Whilst you don’t own the vehicle, you have the peace of mind of fixed cost motoring that will not change as long as you stick to the pre agreed contract terms, such as the term & annual mileage. In some cases, you may have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease. If you are concerned about escalating servicing costs, with most leasing options, you can include maintenance running costs, including servicing, tyres and breakdown cover.

We offer a comprehensive range of vehicles and a couple of funding methods for you to consider, such as Contract Hire and Finance Lease, which would offer an affordable alternative to purchasing.

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